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The Nassau Chainsaw Street Team



To inquire about joining NCDDC as a street team member, illustrator, graphic designer, 

Story teller or supporter in whatever capacity tour talents provide, contact Lucid at


Lucid is NCDDC’s street team captain and primary biographer, journalist, 

blogger, writer etc. He’s also a lyricist in his own right aside from the band.

check out how he came to be apart of NCDDC in the verse below...


It was February two thousand and six at CBGB’s Razor Tongue offered me

a burned cd in a sleeve depicting a Halloween figure bloody it’s burgundy

muscular physique looked like the deceased Bodies Exhibit seen

at the south street seaport museum in New York City 

the first cover was deemed RAISED BY WOLVERINES the following week

I saw the early incarnation of NCDDC perform at the bowery

poetry club their energy erupted extreme destruction to release 

frustration fervor frenzy dysfunction grief like when a cutter bleeds 

for temporary relief the songs sonically struck a nerve severely

like "Savage Weaponry" we were all shortly clean from some form of recovery 

then Tommy Dolo informed Arwen to Larry alias Razor Teeth the rest is history  

 in an ongoing journey what was a few of us are now joined by many

side show freaks our unique creed proceed to complete

the missing link in the body mod community collectively 

known as The Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee 

the band and street team is much more than an obligatory hobby

it’s about sworn loyalty to support each others dreams 

through all the disappointments and defeats 

there’s no "SUBMISSION" or retreat my durability is reinforced to succeed 


in an age when this fledgling nation's conventional masses remain complacent

waking up to make wages on a day to decay basis they negate contemplating 

an innate creative process, proliferation gets delayed by a system

that fails to make sense so we embraced chaos and obliterated 

brains set ablaze by innovative entertainment way more dangerous

than self laceration this brand of reckless abandon is contagious 

and breath taking to anyone who came and went after an ovation 

there’s no relaxation on a break unless aspirations

are attained as if death is a hiatus 


the biographical photograph of a phantom shell is how I fashion myself

opaque cuz I "Walk with Shadows" like a ghost that travels 

along the road without an ample amount of my soul to gamble 


self imposed vandalism provokes internal battles "OMEN" examples

about the apocalypse and pathological hassles / baggage gets pulled

like a weapons box packed full of an arsenal and radical 

makeshift blades or tactical "Power Tools" to manhandle

crowds baffled how the Baphomet controls cattle 

my vocals channel thoughts of serpents like a cobra rattles 


before the total sales are over I’ll extoll our tales 

in chronological order of articles and editorials hailed 

into a noir film told with allegorical details 

based on my canonical account called The Hell Trail 


to be continued  - Lucid


add lucid at