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Super Pull Weekend Re-Cap (Click Here)

Super Pull Weekend Re-Cap (Click Here)

Soooo I guess everyone's wondering how Super Pull went for NCDDC? Well for those who were not able to attend the festivities this past weekend in Angleton, TX... you missed out on one of the sickest live metal performance and live hook experiences ever--as well as a main event on Sunday that embodied so much passion and emotion it can't really even be put into words--you just HAD to be there to witness it for yourself.

What if I were to tell you there was a magical place where pain is considered pleasure? Now what if I told you there was a place where over 80 people willingly pierced thick metal hooks through the skin of their bodies, tied up long ropes to these hooks, and attached themselves up to one central hub where everyone pulled on their hooks with all their might simultaneously? Sounds like some "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" shit, but it was actually exactly what went down at AGROS 5th annual Super Pull.

AGRO (the world's largest suspension team) was founded 8 years ago by Rick Pierceall, who now runs the Tulsa, Oklahoma chapter. This year's Super Pull was also an anniversary celebration of that, and Nassau Chainsaw would like to thank Rick for all his hard work and dedication and for inviting NCDDC to perform at the pre-party the night before the pull.

Nassau Chainsaw set out last weekend from Brooklyn, NY. The band flew on separate flights to save money. We REALLY wanted to be a part of this special event, see all of our extended family members, and bleed for our fallen brothers Spliff and Pete. The show must go on--and GO ON it fucking did! Nassau Chainsaw performed all their songs from the DisGraceLanD EP, as well as some older tunes from the Asphalt Chronicles album, and 2 brand spanking new joints. The 2 new songs still haven't been recorded yet, are still untitled, and are the first of many to come to featuring writing input from NCDDC's 2 newest members: Janitor Joe (lead guitar), and Jaimen Kh (drums). The new material still sounds like Nassau Chainsaw, but with a heavier vibe--faster, harder and more technical than anything the band has previously written. Although a bit different than the older songs, the listener will be able to appreciate the new monster Nassau Chainsaw has become. And  there is still the incorporation of various vocal styles including screaming, melodies, and rapping, which fans of NCDDC have come to love. Breakdowns, blast drum beats, and (gasp!) guitar solos are also lightly sprinkled into the mix of the new shit. The line-up has changed somewhat over the years and the new songs to come will be a reflection of that.

During the pre-Super Pull performance, Nassau Chainsaw had 3 highly respected members of the suspension community take hooks for the live set. These 3 individuals also happen to be 3 of the bands closest friends: Carli, from Wasteland (Chicago), Claw, from Disgraceland (New York), and Neil from AGRO (Houston). Needless to say this was a very special performance for the fans, the band themselves, and anyone else privileged enough to be there. Brandon also led the spark patrol during the performance, taking the lead on the angle grinders--always on point! The grinder is like another instrument in the band when he plays it!

The concert and the pull took place at a large hall with a big stage and big open floor where all the hook action took place. Much thanks to Khris Harding who set up all the booking and found the venue for everyone to ROCK OUT in Angelton, Texas! As mentioned above, this year 86 people were all "hooked up" to one central hub, all pulling together, symbolizing the strength of family and unity. This was also MY very first hook experience. I could've have picked a better time and place and couldn't have been around a cooler more supportive collective of people. Taking two hooks in my back, I grabbed my rope, handed it up front and began pulling. I looked at my new friend Liz, who was pulling next to me. She seemed to be going hard! I just did my best and consumed by the moment pulled my hardest--stretching the shit out of the skin on my back! Another friend came up to Liz, pulled her arms from the front, causing blood to pour out from the holes in HER back--which I got to witness first hand. Pretty gruesome but pretty exciting and cool! Can someone say "Bioooo!!!" Haha! It's also important to mention and point out here that participants of the pull not only put hooks in their backs, but also their chests, forearms, stomachs, faces, and whatever other body parts they felt comfortable pulling on. Maybe I will try another body part next time...

Another great highlight of the weekend was a very emotional first-time suspension dedicated to Arwen done by Spliff's Mom Teka and her Husband Randy. With the weekend being all about Spliff and Pete (and the NY GIANTS winning the Super Bowl the same night!!) it was great way to top it all off.

Finally, NCDDC would like to take this time to thank all of our fans, friends, and family for coming out to see us perform. Also a big thanks to AGRO for making this whole thing possible. A lot of time, work, dedication, organization, and professionalism goes into making something as big as this happen. An event as unique and hardcore as something like this could easier be open to much criticism and scrutiny, but I can proudly say that everything went off without a hitch!! Lastly, thanks to all of our friends, including Khris, Brigid, Jess, Opal, Shark Week, Brandon, Orbi and Picasso, who showed us amazing hospitality, opening up their homes to let us and many others stay the weekend on their couches, floors, use their cars and whatever! Thanks to Ren for the awesome photos. We hope to see all of you very soon and look forward to performing at Mecca, the first DisGraceLanD Entertainment Suscon in Omaha, Nebraska this labor day weekend.
A special Video from Super Pull Will follow in 3 weeks
Jaimen Kh