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Nassau Chainsaw DDC Summer Of Wrath Midwest Mini Tour 2012 [Click Here]

Nassau Chainsaw DDC Summer Of Wrath Midwest Mini Tour 2012 [Click Here]

     Nassau Chainsaw DDC and the crew set out for our Midwest tour last week. We hit the road for the first time with our official new bass player Eddie (who's performed with us countless times breathing fire, taking/throwing hooks, and just actin' like a maniac!). He has now filled the Chainsaw void. Let the good times roll! This tour was a good one!

Starting off, we left Brooklyn NY in the middle of the night and set off toward Portage, Indiana to rock the "Save Our Scene Fest." We hadn't even made it out of Staten Island, when someone in the van noticed sparks and yelled "Pull over!" We had a blow out on our trailer! The crew quickly worked together as a team and Razor changed the wheel to the spare one. The whole ordeal lasted no longer than 15 minutes and it was like a super NASCAR pit stop! "Change it! Hurry up!! Go!!!" We weren't going to let a little mechanical problem screw up our mini tour. And with that being said we got right back on the road and continued toward Indiana.

Driving through the night and making minimal stops, we eventually made it to Portage, a total of about 17 hours later--and we were very pleased to see tons of kids lined up outside waiting for the venue to open. What else you gonna do in the middle-of-nowhere Indiana?? Come rock out at the Camelot. That's what went down without a doubt. The name of the Fest was Save Our Scene, and the scene looked really strong out there with lots of young kids (fresh meat mwwahahaha).

We could see this was going to be a great show, so we decided to get as crazy as the venue would let us. After talking to the promoter, and a police officer who was on duty at the show, we got the green light for TV smashing/destruction, fire, and of course...HOOKS. The only problem was we didn't have any TVs--or anything to smash, for that matter. Sooooo Razor decided to go dumpster diving for 2 hours before the set!

A few locals played before Nassau Chainsaw hit the stage, then Razor and Laz returned with a truck load full of shit to SMASH! A fire was lit in the parking lot and the crowd looked on as Razor smashed a burning pile of old furniture--and whatever else he dug out of the trash--with his piston mace. While Razor was smashing shit out in the parking lot, the band began to play inside, and Razor began singing then ran inside with all the kids from the show following him straight inside the venue, resulting in a giant mosh pit! It was all captured on tape! Brandon and Neyza (who came on tour with us too from NYC DDC) got in the middle of the pit as Brandon yanked Neyza around on a leash from hooks through her back. Kids went crazy as she thrashed about the pit NYHC style and the kids loved it!

After our set we got to chill and watch our new friends from Dr. Acula perform. They tore shit up and even shouted us out. These guys were cool enough to  lend us a Bass Rig, Good times. Then, after a little post show chillage with Casey and the boys from Dr. Acula, we got back on the road and continued west toward the Chicago, Illinois area for the next show. We arrived in the middle of the night and met up with Pervert and the rest of the Disgraceland Wasteland Crew. We would be doing the next 2 shows with our boys from the "No Coast Hardcore" band WHUT. Also, our friends from the extended Disgraceland Fam/AGRO Houston Crew, Neil, Opal, Jason, and Moe, who drove up from Texas, met us in Illinois to perform with us for the rest of the tour as well. With an all-star cast now assembled, we were ready to destroy shit the next 2 nights!

The 2nd gig was at Badda Brew, in Crest Hill, IL, a venue that Nassau Chainsaw has performed at over seven times. We always have a great time and crowd response and that's why we keep coming back. This show was no exception. However, this show had a few complications, and didn't just go off without a hitch like things normally do at Badda Brew. Apparently, someone had filed a complaint before the show about flesh hook suspensions that we would be doing live on stage. The complaint went all the way up to the mayor's office. At first we were told we were NOT allowed to do anything involving hooks or the venue would be shut down, but fortunately Pervert (from WHUT and Disgraceland Wasteland), who is a licensed professional with tons of experience, credentials, and certifications, was able to get us around the red tape and advocate for a safe performance--and the show was on! We had purchased a couple old TVs cheap from some elderly ladies at a local yard sale and smashed 'em all over Badda Brew during our performance in typical Chainsaw fashion. During our set, Carli from Wasteland took hooks, suspended, and rocked it Moe and Neyza did a throat to fore arm flesh pull! Neil and Jason broke an aluminum baseball bat in half after hitting an old Sony tube type thick screen TV over 50 times with the bat! All in the middle of the pit during the last song!....So in the end everything worked out! Here is some sick footage from that night....


With 2 shows down and 1 to go, it was on to the Grand Finale--SKATOPIA!!! We said our goodbyes to our friends in Illinois and got back on the road, along with our boys in WHUT and their crew, heading back east this time to Rutland, Ohio--the middle of nowhere! But this was not Nassau Chainsaw's first time at Skatopia so we knew the deal. Despite being located where it is, we knew it was going to be the craziest show of the tour.

This was Nassau Chainsaw's 3rd straight year performing at Skatopia and our second at Bowl Bash, and every year people stay to witness NCDDC in full force. We love performing at Skatopia because at this place it's NO HOLDS BARRED! No rules, no one to tell us what we can or can't do, just mayhem!! Plus the owner Brewce is Crazy and cool as shit and just happens to LOVE NCDDC! On the 10 hour drive over, we stopped in the middle of Ohio at a fireworks superstore and dropped $300 on ammunition to battle the Skatopians! We knew the deal and knew if we didn't have any explosives handy we were gonna get the shit bombed out of our van and chilling area, and if you know us we aint having that EVER! That's just how it goes down at Skatopia. The CIA (Citizens Inciting Anarchy), who are the crew who live on and run the land at Skatopia are ruthless and completely off the wall! For those who do not know, Skatopia is an 88 acre outdoor skate park, camp ground and venue. Its actually the largest skate park in the USA. People live and squat there year round. Imagine the beginning of "Saving Private Ryan" with squatter's shooting crazy fireworks at everyone, mortars like grenades and 100 pack Saturn Missiles strapped to their chests!!!!! Better be on your toes or you'll get blown the fuck up!!!

We made it to Skatopia with no problems and had a performance of epic proportions! A lot of people who saw Nassau Chainsaw perform previously at Skatopia said this was our sickest performance at the Bowl Bash to date. We had, metal, fire, a new light show, a topless girl doing a suicide suspension, an ass-to-ass flesh pull, Neil pulling on hooks through his eyebrows, smashed TVs, and then for the encore finished by covering "Sabotage" as a tribute to MCA of the Beastie Boys, while everyone in the crowd shot off fireworks in the pit!! Thanks to Brittany from Wasteland for suspending with us during the set and also to Moe and Neyza for pulling ass-to-ass with hooks in their buttocks while everyone chanted "ASS 2 ASS!!" Hahaaa. Special thanks to Neil, Jason, Opal, Pervert, Autumn, and Brandon. It was an unforgettable performance and a great way to top off an unbelievably fun but lonnnng weekend. Check out the footage from Skatopia here....

Nassau Chainsaw has some more shows coming up this summer, with our next being in Connecticut, July 20th at Toad's Place with Sworn Enemy and others. See ya there! Also look out for our new music video for the song "Requip," which should be coming out very soon.

Jaimen Kh