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Look at me now ma'... Top of the world. (Click Here)

Look at me now ma'... Top of the world. (Click Here)

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We are proud to announce today, the MTV debut of our music video  "Vomitorium". For any of us growing up in the era when MTV played more videos than closeups of Snookie's snatch, it is truly an honor to be recognized for a piece of work we are very proud of.

It's been a long ride, and we want to thank every one of you who contributed to every single one of the 11,400+ views on YouTube. We got there because of you! But the war is far from over.

Now we ask for you to share this link with every one of your friends, neighbors, family, enemies, colleagues, boyfriends, girlfriends, lady-boys, and people of questionable moral turpitude. Gross out your buddies, and frighten your co-workers with our display of reckless, flesh abusing, fire breathing abandon. Let's get it to the next level.

To all our DisGraceLanD family that helped us make this video possible, thank you endlessly... Also, huge thanks go out to our friend Frankie Nasso and the NOVA entertainment crew for directing this madness, and Rive Video for helping us spread the virus. You guys better get your crazy pants ready for the next video... Cause it's gonna make Vomitorium look like an episode of Mister Rogers Neighborhood.

Won't you be our neighbor?