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Here comes the Pain! (Click Here)

Here comes the Pain! (Click Here)

For Nassau Chainsaw Disgraceland Demolition Committee, 2011 was a crazy, action-packed year full of line up changes, touring, exclusive live performances, movie shoots and pure destruction! As we shock-rocked crowds with our brutally unique live performances from east to west, north to south, heaven to hell, and everywhere in between, we left none standing and steam rolled over anything and everything in our path. Always trying to further push the envelope and outdo ourselves, NCDDC retains the self-proclaimed crown for the most brutally hardcore act in extreme underground music. Many bands have tried (badly) to duplicate, replicate and  accomplish what Nassau Chainsaw DDC pulls off at a live show. And they have all FAILED miserably. But now that 2011 is dead and gone, pulverized, slaughtered, beaten to the ground, and pounded into dust--NCDDC looks forward to 2012--and to continuing right where the blood trail left off...

Nassau Chainsaw DDC will be performing their first live show of 2012 at AGRO's annual Super Pull event. Wait, what?? Allow me to elaborate...

When people in America think about the first weekend of February, they usually think about football, and the biggest annual single-day event in sports--The Super Bowl!! (Congrats to the NY Giants for making the cut) With that said--now picture a bunch of tattooed, pierced, freak, misfit-typed individuals whom most could care less about a football game, all gathered annually on the same day for a completely different event--Super PULL. Yes, I said Super Pull, the date when flesh hook suspension artists, the sideshow community, and freaks alike from all across the nation gather in Houston, Texas to join forces in a brutal, bloody, flesh-hooked family-styled event. Run by our friends in AGRO (Anti Gravity Relaxation Organization), the world's largest suspension crews, family and friends come from near and far uniting each year at Super Pull to symbolize the strength of the crew, network with each other, and just have a good fucking time.

Spliff, Razor & Pete

This year's pull is particularly special, since the suspension community suffered the losses of 2 very important, innovative and highly respected DisGraceLanD members in 2011--Arwen "Spliff" Rosa, and Peter Tabacco. This year's event is dedicated to them, their memory, and their respective families.

Nassau Chainsaw will perform Sat. the night before the great Super Pull at the pre-party. And since we haven't performed since our epic Southwestern Texas/New Mexico Tour last November with AGRO (Hey we gotta write a new record at some point god dammit!), combined with the energy, insanity, and excitement of Super Pull, there's no telling WHAT or WHO might go down. So if you find yourself in the H-Town area this "Super Pull Weekend," get ready for some good ol' hardcore/metal, bloody hook swinging, spark flying, eye popping, jaw dropping entertainment that you can't even see in the freakin movies... Oh wait actually yes you can if you wait a little bit longer for the new horror flick "Altered" to hit theaters sometime before the end of this final year of existence. Oh and bring your body bags. You've been warned.

See you guys there!
Jaimen Kh