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Fall Wrap Up 2011 (Click Here)

Fall Wrap Up 2011 (Click Here)




After a month of DisGraceLanD scaring the crap out of people outside of Blood Manor in NYC, NCDDC hit the road for 3 intense weekends.

About 3 weekends ago NCDDC did a few Halloween shows LINY, and Crest Hill’s IL. On the way to Long Island the leaf spring snapped on the trailer. Razor fixed it on the side of the road like MacGyver. We still made it to Long Island in time for a kick ass show! Kimmy & DeDe got down on a bad ass flesh pull as the band assaulted the crowds ears. Then we piled back into the van to drive 17 hrs thru a blizzard to Illinois. When we arrived at Bada Brew, and got set up for an amazing show. Kasper did a brutal suicide taking out ceiling tiles everywhere, while Ribble, Carli, and Bathtub Eddie went insane on a 3 way flesh pull! We had an amazing weekend and we made it back to NY with a rigged up trailer.



The following weekend NCDDC + HookeD met up in Gary Indiana to film a scene with Kely Mc Clung for the upcoming horror/thriller "Altered" to be released in 2012. We filmed a live performance in an Abandon Church like auditorium. It was evil as can be! Members of NCDDC + Hooked put on an amazing performance! 2 intense Flesh pulls by Zack + Don of Hooked, and, RazoR + Carli of DDC. After the shoot the Director Kely Mc Clung decided he wanted to edit a music video for NCDDC and put it on the Altered DVD as a bonus feature! We are honored to be part of this film. It was a great experience working with Kely, Imoto, and the rest of their film crew. Special thanks to our brothers in Whut Pervert for subbing in on bass guitar, and Philly D and the boys for lending us their gear! Check out some Photos from the shoot HERE

The following weekend NCDDC flew into Houston TX to perform with our brothers + sisters in AGRO we took the stage at Scout Bar for an amazing performance. Neil + Jason rocked 2 bad ass suicides while NCDDC burned up the stage. Great times in Texas! After the performance NCDDC + Kieran, Khris, Bridgid, and Brandon from AGRO jumped in the van rental and drove 15 hrs to Albuquerque NM for our second show. We smashed the show! Bridgid and Aimee did a bad ass Flesh Pull, then we went back to the hotels to party it up. Sat morning we did a video interview with Mike Trujillo for Zero Hour (A local NM Metal Music video show). After the interview we packed in the van for some breakfast and a trip to the Petroglyph where there is an estimated 24,000 carved images in the volcanic rock. There was a ton of amazing scenery as we drove thru NM on route 666 to our 3rd show in Gallup at the "Juggernaut". This venue was cool as shit + the people in the area were super friendly. We had an Amazing performance that evening with Khris suspending and Aimee hooked to a fence in front of the stage. The fans purchased almost all of our shirts + cd's! That night after the show we drove to Farmington NM, and crashed at Kieran's brother's house. Thank you Ryan for your hospitality. Sunday Morning we woke up and went for a nice Lunch at a mexican joint. After Lunch we prepared for our last performance of the weekend in Farmington NM. We had a blast rocking out at Studio 18! The place was kind of small but up close and personal! The crowd packed it out and we killed it! Kieran suspending while throwing hooks thru his cheeks and Brandon showering the place with sparks from the grinders! Its was an Epic weekend! We then flew back to NY + AGRO drove back to TX. Working with AGRO was a great experience. It was great to share ideas and learn from each other. We had a blast chilling with these crazy amazing people! We look forward to coming back to TX + NM in 2012.