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Tommy Dolo (Suspension Artist)

Tommy Dolo was introduced to Disgraceland late 2005 at Artland Bar suddenly he was punched clear off a bar stool by some random Amazin' Amazonian with a look of surprise and hilaritySpliff apologized for the mistaken identitySoon after Tommy was inducted into NCDDC when he suspended from a tree as the sun went down at a backyard in Bushwich BK. Horrified neighbors looked on too afraid to call the cops for FALSELY believing his suspension to be some kind of satanic cult ritual or murder in process.


Around the same time T. Dolo also frequented shows at CBGB’s  where he met Lucid and Razor Tongue during the early incarnation of Nassau Chainsaw DDC. It’s ironic a dude self proclaimed as Dolo would be the one to connect Spliff and Razor Tongue as fate joined a perfect match made in madness