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Razor Tongue (Vocals / Flesh Pulls)

Razor Tongue (Larry Hundertmark) was born in Brooklyn NY in 1974 he is a well skilled Lyricist, Drummer, and Engineer. In 1994 Razor Tongue was the founder and Drummer of the band "Drill Press" he spent years writing, and recording the bands full length album that was never to be released, except for the song “Cinder” that surfaced at the end of NECK’s “Should My Fist Eye”. Razor spent many years recording bands he built his own studio "Dungeon Studios" that has produced many records for bands out of the Long Island Hardcore scene, including "Vision of Disorder", "Neck", "Nassau Chainsaw", "Drill Press", "Spooge", and "Cipher" just to name a few. Razor was later recruited to join "Neck" in 1997 during the pre production of the bands Debut album, he learned the drum lines in one week’s time and began recording himself and the rest of the band for their first official release on SFT records. Over the next 6 years Razor engineered, and performed on 2 more neck releases "Should my Fist Eye", and "Smart bomb and the Swarm" due to constant line up changes the only 2 original members Mike D. and Razor put Neck to bed. After Neck departed and years of hiatus Razor resurfaced into the underground HipHop/Hardcore scene this time focused on Vocals. This group was soon to be the early Creation of "Nassau Chainsaw" , he spent a few years finding the right musicians to work with and perfecting the bands sound, he also began working with other NYHC all stars "Coma" from "Candiria" and networking with other big names in the hardcore & hiphop scene to start production on Nassau Chainsaws first official release "The Asphalt Chronicles" the recording process started with the drums we went with Mike Barilie from “Sweet Fire Studios” known for recording Candiria, E-Town Concrete) Razor Tongue and the rest of the band recorded the rest of the record at a small version of “Dungeon Studios” in their house in Brooklyn NY, and handed it off to Elliot from Car Bomb to mix this album is by far Razor’s greatest creation behind the console to date. Razor also the founder of "Bad Habit" clothing, due to the clothing lines controversial marketing schemes and other problems, Bad Habit was temporarily put on hold. Razor now has shifted his focus to promotion of the new record, working on insane live shows with DisGraceLanD, future plans for a US Tour's and new material.