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Kaspa (Suspension Artist, Rigger, Piercer)

Kaspa was brought into the fold by Ren and initiated via Spliff during 2006/2007 (years are a blur) He is usually on the other side of a needle as a piercer for 10 years  (throughout NYC, Long Island, North Carolina) a body mod practitioner (5 years) and suspension (4 years). Inventor of The Chakra Suspension (3 hooks down your center and 1 in each knee cap). After the car wreck that left things uncertain for our crew, Kaspa helped rebuild NCDDC by bringing in a new breed of suspension members (Mikee Skel, Henry Skum, Ali, Itza, Nathalie, etc) who proved to be brutally resilient, reliable, and death defyingly dedicated.

Kaspa’s short term goals are to make enough money to support his family, eventually open his own shop with high hopes to make millions then take us on a cruise ship towards Norway. Everybody’s got a prerogative to their dreams right ? lol 

In the meantime Kaspa can be seen violently yanking himself up and down in the suicide position and spiraling through the air like a Gepetto rag doll in The Vomitorium video.