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Jaimen aka What (Drums)

Jaimen, A.K.A. "What KH" is originally from the Midwest. Born in Chicago, then moving to Cleveland, Ohio when he was a kid, his family eventually moved to Brooklyn, NY, where he has spent most of his life. He has been playing drums since the age of 13. One day he began tapping on the table during lunch with his friends in the cafeteria and his friends decided that he should try and play drums for their punk band "Fetal Incest." The rest is history...

Starting off playing crust-punk and hardcore, Jaimen eventually got into heavy metal and then later hip hop. His style of playing is the result of a variety of influences that he has been exposed to in the inner-city urban environment of Brooklyn, one of the world's most unique and culturally/musically diverse places. In high school he played in the marching band, concert band, and traveling symphonic orchestra. He also took private lessons and had his first metal band called "Damon Morder" at that time. DM played lots of shows at Lamour, and also played at Milwaukee Metal Fest 2003. Later on, Jaimen would become a founding member in the metalcore/death metal/hip hop act known as "Catalyst Of Thought." COT was known for their brutal live performances, with violent mosh pits and breakdowns, and technical sound mixing multiple genres. The band disbanded in 2010 after 2 full length self-releases.

Jaimen has also worked/collaborated with, filled in, and toured with a number of other metal bands over the years, including Castrofate, Devil's Island, Fleshthrone, and Soho Violet. He is also currently in the melodic death metal act "Ambient Death" AD was featured in Metal Edge magazine back in 2008. Now Jaimens Main Focus is Playing Drums in Nassau Chainsaw D.D.C. He joined N.C.D.D.C. in April 2011. He is currently working on new material with the band for a follow up to their "DisGraceLanD" EP. Things are about to get real heavy in the Chainsaw Camp.

Although he has had a long and interesting music career, and is well known in the NYC area as a talented, respected, and experienced drummer, Jaimen originally got his fame from the streets and graffiti. At about the same time he started playing the drums, Jaimen also began tagging and spray painting. He made a name for himself "WHAT," and established the KH Crew, which consists of dozens of members located all over the US. His and the KH Crew's work can now be seen all over Brooklyn, New York, as well as many other cities in the US and even in numerous other European countries. Jaimen enjoys traveling and going to new places. Anywhere he has not been before is considered new territory to invade and conquer, whether it's with music or art! Both graffiti and playing the drums have taken him to places most people never get to go and experience in their lifetime. And it is only the beginning...